Exhilarating. Stimulating. Challenging. Engaging.

Celebrate The Beat offers an array of awe-inspiring and all-inclusive in-school, after-school, and summer music and dance programs. Students are joyfully challenged to develop healthy living habits, collaborative skills, cultural literacy, critical thinking, confidence, and much more. Our classes are led by a team of skilled professionals comprised of a master teaching artist/ choreographer, a live musician, and an assistant teaching artist. Even the press goes crazy for Celebrate the Beat.

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During the 2016 – 2017 school year, Celebrate The Beat will be dancing alongside over 3,500 students in grades K-8 in 28 schools located in communities throughout Colorado and Mexico. Our three to thirty week programs don’t just supplement the core school curriculum…they lead by example. Just ask any student or teacher involved. Children return to their core classes and homes energized and focused, ready to tackle any challenge dancing in their direction.



Our summer programs in Denver and Vail operate on the same principles as all Celebrate The Beat’s in-school curriculum, just add sun.

Joyful Arts Camp offers dance, music and art classes for children age 5-13 in the Denver area.  Designed to foster teamwork, creativity and joy this weeklong camp offers daily dance class with live music, rehearsal and choreography, costume and set design. Joyful Arts Camp culminates in a free performance for friends, family and the public.

Additionally, Pop Hop is a weeklong immersion culminating in a performance at the Vail International Dance Festival.