The Beauty of Mexico

Celebrate the Beat Students Walk From School To The Plaza For Rehearsal In Mexico

Celebrate the Beat Students Walk From School To The Plaza For Rehearsal In Mexico

Dust blows over the basketball court where we teach. Gas trucks play songs as they pass by. Sometimes the roosters crow louder than I can count to the dancers.  The live music must excite them. It is not uncommon for our furry little friends to join classes. They often follow their owners to school.

There are more celebrations down here in México than in New Orleans, where I grew up. We have kid’s day, teacher’s day, fisherman’s day, flag day, revolution day, and day of the dead. Each town has their own festival and each school has their own day to celebrating their name.

We have school competitions of all sorts. We have a fútbol, flag saluting, singing the national anthem, and even cleaning-up-the-school competitions. We have tourists who peek through the gates to see the live music. My favorite is when people in neighboring houses tell me that they wake up each morning we teach to the children counting. 5-6-7-8.

Needless to say, teaching in México is raw, exciting, and unpredictable. It has taught me tremendous life lessons and how to go with the flow. The Pacific Ocean is a constant reminder of that. The students have nicknamed me Maestra Brincolin (Spanish for trampoline). To hear my name as I walk down local streets is a welcomed sound. The children here are loving, funny, caring, and have brought out the best in me.

Humor is the best form of expression and laughter is the best medicine. Teaching excellence is the key ingredient to our program’s success and the children expect that with Celebrando el Ritmo. ¡Dale con ganas, alegría, fuerza y confianza!