The Power of Dance


From Red Sandstone Elementary in Vail to Red Hill Elementary in Gypsum, over 1,000 children's lives were impacted through the magic of Celebrate the Beat this year. Whether it was a 14 week residency or 3 week visit to a particular school, it was so rewarding to see the gift of live music and dance being taught to children, who, for some, are experiencing this joy for the first time. 

The excitement and methodology by which we teach is ALL inclusive. We turn the room around to never have a child feel as though they are in the back of the classroom or would go unnoticed. EVERY child is important in our classroom, and EVERY child gets to experience success in a way they may never have the opportunity to sitting at their desk in their classroom day in and day out. And for me, that is the joy of our teaching. To reach EVERY single child, know them by name and to provide them each a special and unique experience, sharing our love for the art of dance and appreciation for live music and movement. Following our final performance, the children gather to share with us their journey and transformation through Celebrate the Beat, from beginning to end. 

Here is what I heard time and time again this year: Children step into our rooms for their very first class, most of them nervous, disinterested or even resistant to the desire to try our dance program. It is an unknown, after all, and that can be scary and intimidating. However, in just 45 short minutes, it's incredible to see their minds shift as they learn that they have a joy and appreciation for the high energy classroom experience we provide, and slowly, smiles cover their faces. They actually value our expectations of excellence and feel encouraged to rise to their fullest potential with great focus. The hands raised at the end of the residency, especially from our young boys, who share that they have now found a new passion in dance. It is quite humbling and rewarding. To see that you have made a difference in a young child's life is the best gift ever. We truly have the best jobs in the world as CTB teachers.